About the Mountain School

What does it take to have the “best semester of your life?” This is the phrase graduates of the Mountain School of Milton Academy use to describe their four month experience living in Vermont. From all across the country – Boston to New York to California and everywhere in between – 45 motivated high school juniors come together to create a diverse community based on trust and an appreciation of difference in which every voice matters. Academic courses provide demanding, integrated and experiential learning that challenges students to think flexibly, speak their minds, and return to their schools equipped for continued academic success. The Mountain School takes full of advantage of its unique setting on a fully sustainable organic farm in the middle of the Green Mountains as a teaching tool. Students spend their afternoons hiking and skiing, engaging in farm and forestry work, and learning environmental science as it relates to their specific location. Through each of these activities, as well as dorm life and whole school discussions, students build high caliber relationships with each other and faculty and are continually challenged to reach beyond themselves for the common good.

More information available on the website, http://www.mountainschool.org.

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