Broomball Tournament (S’14)

Saturday, March 1st, students took to the ice for an epic all-school broomball tournament. First round games were played in the afternoon. Then, after dinner, there was a torch lighting ceremony and a procession down to the pond for the finals, played by torch and moonlight. Jacob’s team conquered in the end, led to victory by the light of his flaming red hair. Californian Sam surprised everyone with four goals. He turns out to have a secret ice hockey past, which no one knew about because do they even have ice rinks in California?? (Apparently they do). Ben G., also known as “the Mid-Western Wall,” was the MVP for the tournament, in recognition of his exceptional goal tending and facial hair. Feel free to be jealous that whatever you did on Saturday night was not nearly as epic.

“It doesn’t matter/Who you are, where you come from./Here, broomball is life.”

Photos by Charles.

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