Congratulations to all those admitted for Fall ’14 and Spring ’15! Your friends at TMS want to welcome you to the family. We can’t wait to meet you! #SAYYES2TMS


Do you find yourself wondering what you’ll miss out on if you leave home? What is the benefit if things are already going pretty well in my normal life? Those are perfectly reasonable questions – many of us had the same doubts before taking the leap and moving to Vermont. We hope you’ll take the chance too. Here is a list, compiled by recent graduates, of


  1. You get to be friends with the best adults in the world.
  2. You gain maturity, confidence and wisdom.
  3. It’s a breath of fresh air, literally and metaphorically.
  4. You are never bored, and school is fun.
  5. Dorm life is awesome.
  6. There are new surprises every day.
  7. Garden Hill makes you feel as if you’re in The Sound of Music.
  8. You make life long best friends (people and farm animals alike!)
  9. You gain new skills that you never imagined you would have.
  10. Baby Alden (seen dancing here).
  11. You learn what a turkey bite feels like.
  12. Because there are 45 of you all being thrown together, and although the first few days are very awkward, you get to know them all so well, it feels like you’ve known each other for years.
  13. You can potentially have an axe named after you!
  14. The food is incredible, as are the chefs.
  15. You learn how to live for three days in the woods.
  16. You can impress the world with your vast knowledge of the forested landscape.
  17. The sheep are adorable – and so is our new llama!
  18. You learn how to cut down trees like a boss.
  19. You come to love and respect a place more than you ever thought possible.
  20. You never want to leave.
  21. You’ll never have a chance like this again.
  22. If you don’t, you’ll always be wondering, “What if?
  23. You learn how to let yourself be known.
  24. To push yourself somewhere you may never otherwise find yourself.
  25. After getting an education not just in academics but in life itself, you will never look at yourself or the world around you the same way again.

Many thanks to DG, MP, AZ x2, NC, KL, TV, KG, PR & ML.


^From S’12 & F’12, “What drew you to TMS?”

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