Journal entry: Chores (F’14)

Mountain School students keep journals as part of their English class. Every week they write a minimum of three pages about whatever they want and hand in the journal to their teacher. At the end of each week, the teacher reads aloud a selection of anonymous passages from the journals in class. Many students say that “journal reading days” are one of their favorite memories of the academic program.

The following is a journal entry from a Fall ’14 student.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

11:01 am @ my desk

I just took a break from history homework to complete my bathroom-cleaning chore. As I crouched on the floor, sweeping my hand across it with the blackening sponge, I realized that my chore is instilling in me the Mountain School mission statement: to “learn to know a place and take care of it” (Student & Parent Handbook, 3). The place I’m referring to specifically is the bathroom. I’ve had the opportunity to explore all corners of the bathroom – so I know its physical make-up. I’ve also had to restock numerous rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, so I know the behaviors of the bathroom. In addition to developing the knowledge of what it is and how it works, I’ve begun to take pride in its upkeep. As the vase of flowers wilted (the flowers that had welcomed us on our first day here), I developed a minor amount of shame because I had not found the time to pick fresh ones. But now, thank goodness, the yellowed water has been dumped, new flowers snipped from their stalks, and all is well in my dear bathroom!



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