First Week of Spring 2016

Spring 2016 has arrived and students have hit the ground running! The first week of the semester was full of learning many skills for the first time. Students learned how to fell a tree, prepare for the sugaring season, shell beans, and more intimate skills like learning how to live with each other and engage each other in conversation over meals. Here is a peek at a few of the things we did this week.

First Week Quotes

“I can walk out with just a sweater in 20 degree weather now, but that first week was just so cold. Vermonters are cut from a different cloth.” – Wassa

“I’ve never eaten this many beets in my life…” – overheard

“The food warmed me.” – Darrell

“Embrace the raisin.” – Adam


Alden teaching his wood crew how to fell trees for the first time!


Thea cutting a notch into her first tree, a balsam fir.


Kai and Ellie, triumphant.


Alden and Kemi’s Monday wood crew.


Shelling beans during work period! Clockwise from the bottom: red kidney, cranberry, calypso, black, white kidney


Busy hands in the harvest kitchen.


The first Saturday night activity: interpretations of the first week in the dorm in the form of skits and songs.


Derby singing a High School Musical cover.


First sugar crew work period – turning maple syrup into maple sugar!

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