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#Solo: best solo-related hashtags

Alumni responded with alacrity to a recent challenge to post their best solo-related hashtag (and win an original poem written during F’16 solo). Here are some of the best:










#MyBootsAreFrozen #MyKnotsAreFrozen #MyNalgeneIsFrozen






















New additions from F16 solo tales:














Say Hello to Spring ’15

Get to know this semester’s cast of lovable characters – our chess masters, our knitters, our big hair club, our dancers, our weight lifters, our soccer players and our gigglers – in this introductory video. Keep an eye out for our queen circa 1:30.

Video made by the Spring ’15 video club (Liam, Amir, Sam, Losel) and Emily!

#tmsprobs (F’14)

We are so excited that Fall ’14 is underway! It’s been a busy first week: working on the farm (over 530 lbs of broccoli harvested on Monday, for example), starting classes, getting to know dormmates, trying to avoid signing up for a first humble, learning how to work the Hobart dishwasher, and of course trying to remember everyone’s name. As the Fall ’14 students settle into their new home and routine, they’ve already identified some classic Mountain School struggles, or what we’re calling #tmsprobs. Graduates, can you think of a few of your own?


When I’m harvesting with my Spanish teacher and wonder whether to speak to her in Spanish or English… #tmsprobs

When I forget my flashlight and have to walk back to the dorm at 9:25 pm in the dark and it’s too cloudy to see the stars… #tmsprobs

When the notes written in my desk drawer from 8 years ago are too faded to read… #tmsprobs

When I somehow lose my cloth napkin and have to wait a week to get a new one… #tmsprobs

When I’m trying to split wood and my safety glasses keep sliding off… #tmsprobs

When I get woken up by cows mooing outside my dorm at 5 am… #tmsprobs

When I don’t get woken up by cows in the morning because they’ve been slaughtered… #tmsprobs

When I’m in my dorm and I can hear literally everything the people in the next room are saying because the walls are so thin… #tmsprobs

When I try to shake out some Boraxo and end up with a giant mound in my hands… #tmsprobs

(Update: problem solved. Shout out to Annie for drilling a hole in the top of each Boraxo bottle so that not too much soap comes out at once).

When I have dinner dish crew and all five classes the next day… #tmsprobs

When I can’t fit all the food that I want to eat onto my plate… #tmsprobs

When I want to listen music in the Harvest Kitchen and there are only three stations to choose from, and two play country music… #tmsprobs

When all I want is to go for a run, but I’m still not allowed to go on the Inner Loop alone… #tmsprobs

When I forget my gloves for work period and have to run all the way back to the dorm… #tmsprobs


When I get hay in all of my clothes during work period and wonder if it will ever come out…#tmsprobs

When there are crickets chirping in the library and/or your bedroom at night… #tmsprobs

When I can’t sit down in class because my legs are too sore from wood-splitting squats… #tmsprobs

When I try to dump the mop water in the trough and end up spilling it all over my pants and feet… #tmsprobs

When I spend 30 seconds trying to find the flush lever on a composting toilet… #tmsprobs

When I don’t know whether to wear pants or shorts in the morning because I don’t know what my work period will be… #tmsprobs

When my English class meets outside and I can’t hear the poem over the cows… #tmsprobs


(Inspired by Tobold F’14)


Everyone in New England appreciates that spring brings warmer weather, flowers and longer days. Those things are all nice. But here at the Mountain School, spring brings something significantly MORE important: BABY ANIMALS. 20+ lambs, 3 calves, baby chicks and now piglets! There’s nothing like a mid-day visit to the sheep barn to calm any anxieties and fill you with joy and happiness.

69987-8149886-IMG_1352 69987-8149888-IMG_1353  69987-8149922-IMG_1365 69987-8149923-IMG_1367_JPG1  69987-8150002-IMG_1395 69987-8150003-IMG_1620 69987-8150013-IMG_1527 69987-8150014-IMG_1595 69987-8150088-IMG_1530 69987-8149938-IMG_127669987-8150111-IMG_1536  Photo cred to Charles.

And now introducing my latest project: the Mountain School Lamb Cam, a compilation of adorable ovine moments, unnecessarily set to famous pieces of classical music.

Lamb Cam #1, rated G for sneezing, aggressive nursing, and many high kicks

Lamb Cam #2, rated G for yawning, needy attention seeking lambs, and some high kicks

Lamb Cam #3, rated PG for hiccups, feisty play, more needy attention seeking lambs, too much testosterone, and excessive scampering


Celebrities visit the Mountain School! (S’14)


I have to say… they didn’t quite live up to their former singing glory, but – more importantly – their dance moves are still on point. That’s what makes them Larger Than Life. (See what I did there?)

Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives!

Incidentally, Nick Carter just got married, and all the band members went to his wedding.

F’13 AP French murder mystery movie

For their final project, the Fall ’13 AP French class filmed a murder mystery entirely in French! (Don’t worry, there are subtitles). Rated PG for intrigue, hints of violence, painfully beautiful scenery, and a lot of gratuitous dancing.

Starring: Isabella (the daughter), Hannah (the police chief), A.J. (the inspector), Maggie (the farmer) & Kareen (the dancer) with cameos by Ethan, Praz, Ryan and a dancing flash mob.

Rotten tomatoes score: 89%

Critics’ reviews:

Highly suspenseful plot that ends in a dancing montage. I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much since Slumdog Millionaire.”

“Should be in the running for best foreign film of the year. Can’t believe those kids aren’t native French speakers. Their accents are impeccable!”

“Kareen definitely has an Academy Award nomination coming her way with that performance.”

“Lead actors are strong, and the supporting cast is hilarious. Should have given Praz a bigger part!”

Winter Spectacular: “Royals” Parody (S’14)

Underwood sings “Farmers,” a Mountain School version of Lorde’s Grammy-winning song “Royals.”

LYRICS (verse one):

Has anyone milked a cow?/I get so tired every day, on my wood crew./I gave my friends the address./Please send me food!/There’s no dessert here!

And every teacher’s like, “Sugar maple, white pine, compost in the bathroom./Snow drifts, blizzards, crashing all the dorm rooms./We don’t care./We wear five layers everywhere.

And every weekend’s like, broomball, laundry, making brunch on Sunday./Sugarbush, Pine Top, ski the inner loop with me!/We don’t care./We’re driving tractors in our dreams.

‘Cause we’re gonna be farmers…!

Promposal (F’13)

Mountain School, like most high schools, had a prom. However, dates were randomly picked out of a hat and the first person whose name was pulled had to find a creative way to ask the other person to prom.

Props to EMILY for one of the most creative prom invites of the semester. The video was shown just before dinner. At the end of the video, she shouted, “Will you go to prom with me?”

Starring: Josie, Ryan, Kellsy, Kareen, Jake Shields, Minh-Anh, Jacob, Amanda Zei, Jesse & Praz, Julia & Liz, Moriah & Maggie, Luke, Lucas, Lucas’ eyebrows, Marieta, Comfort, Ivey, Ethan, and Emilio