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A rotating student committee plans a fun and unique event every weekend.

First Week of Spring 2016

Spring 2016 has arrived and students have hit the ground running! The first week of the semester was full of learning many skills for the first time. Students learned how to fell a tree, prepare for the sugaring season, shell beans, and more intimate skills like learning how to live with each other and engage each other in conversation over meals. Here is a peek at a few of the things we did this week.

First Week Quotes

“I can walk out with just a sweater in 20 degree weather now, but that first week was just so cold. Vermonters are cut from a different cloth.” – Wassa

“I’ve never eaten this many beets in my life…” – overheard

“The food warmed me.” – Darrell

“Embrace the raisin.” – Adam


Alden teaching his wood crew how to fell trees for the first time!


Thea cutting a notch into her first tree, a balsam fir.


Kai and Ellie, triumphant.


Alden and Kemi’s Monday wood crew.


Shelling beans during work period! Clockwise from the bottom: red kidney, cranberry, calypso, black, white kidney


Busy hands in the harvest kitchen.


The first Saturday night activity: interpretations of the first week in the dorm in the form of skits and songs.


Derby singing a High School Musical cover.


First sugar crew work period – turning maple syrup into maple sugar!

S’15 Dodgeball Tournament

The Mountain School is all about being communal and loving each other, right? Right. Except during dodgeball. During dodgeball, it’s all about the glory. Glory > everything. The Spring 2015 dodgeball tournament was one of the fiercest on record, with students competing in their dish crews while wearing great outfits. Special shout out to the Doors and the Lords for their dishcrew-name-inspired clothing.

IMG_5451_2 IMG_5453_2 IMG_5457_2 IMG_5459 IMG_5460

For live action footage and some inspired dancing, check out this video…

Thanks KOA for the photos and filming!

Team Photo Challenge (F’14)

What to do as a study break on the final Saturday night of the semester, in the middle of final exams? How about a team photo challenge – 10+ prompts, 5 groups of 9, 1 hour of hilarity, followed by a slide show of some of the most inventive and funny moments.

Prompt 1: Perfectly timed action shot

Wins the prize for cutest. (Not actually sure if this is an action shot or just love)
Wow. Wins the prize for commitment!
SO CLOSE, and yet… so far
??? (What is even happening here?)
Most impressive/acrobatic/balanced!

Prompt 2: Dungeon scene in “the dungeon”*

*We don’t actually have a dungeon (it’s a school on a farm, not a medieval palace), but the dark basement area where we keep extra toilet paper, soap and other supplies is affectionately (?) known as “the dungeon”

Wins the prize for most creative interpretation (not actually in the dungeon)
Most interesting poses
Most giggle-inducing

Prompt 3: Act out an iconic scene

The Last Supper. Props on the “beard”
Nativity (?)
Wedding. Wins the prize for most creative costume with limited resources

Prompt 4: Mop hair

That’s a good look for you, Andrew
Typical Ari reaction
Louis flaunts his beautiful new ‘do
Album cover?

Prompt 5: Take a photo with members of another group

All hail the queen!
Triple piggy backs
Grace just dropping by

Prompt 6: Fit the whole group into the smallest space possible

Trash cans. Ambitious
Recycling center
I don’t even know where this is
Recycling center v. 2: feat. odd facial hair?

Prompt 7: Spell out TMS with bodies

From above v. 1
From above v. 2
You win.

Prompt 8: Extreme dish crew

This might be my favorite picture of all time
If not that one, this one. Note the pot and oranges in mid air, and the placement of the boombox. Check plus plus plus

Thank you for all the memories and giggles. You will be missed, F’14! ❤




So You Think You Can Dance? (S’14)

Following a drum and dance workshop and performance by Jeh Kulu, we hosted a Mountain School version of the popular reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance. The performances were judged based on three criteria: 1. incorporation of West African dance moves, 2. whole group participation, and 3. overall quality. The winning group was Noli’s, dancing to “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People.

Featuring: Theodor, Liam, Noli, Katie, Eliza, Charles, Sam K, and Ariana.

Broomball Tournament (S’14)

Saturday, March 1st, students took to the ice for an epic all-school broomball tournament. First round games were played in the afternoon. Then, after dinner, there was a torch lighting ceremony and a procession down to the pond for the finals, played by torch and moonlight. Jacob’s team conquered in the end, led to victory by the light of his flaming red hair. Californian Sam surprised everyone with four goals. He turns out to have a secret ice hockey past, which no one knew about because do they even have ice rinks in California?? (Apparently they do). Ben G., also known as “the Mid-Western Wall,” was the MVP for the tournament, in recognition of his exceptional goal tending and facial hair. Feel free to be jealous that whatever you did on Saturday night was not nearly as epic.

“It doesn’t matter/Who you are, where you come from./Here, broomball is life.”

Photos by Charles.

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Winter Spectacular: “Royals” Parody (S’14)

Underwood sings “Farmers,” a Mountain School version of Lorde’s Grammy-winning song “Royals.”

LYRICS (verse one):

Has anyone milked a cow?/I get so tired every day, on my wood crew./I gave my friends the address./Please send me food!/There’s no dessert here!

And every teacher’s like, “Sugar maple, white pine, compost in the bathroom./Snow drifts, blizzards, crashing all the dorm rooms./We don’t care./We wear five layers everywhere.

And every weekend’s like, broomball, laundry, making brunch on Sunday./Sugarbush, Pine Top, ski the inner loop with me!/We don’t care./We’re driving tractors in our dreams.

‘Cause we’re gonna be farmers…!