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Winter Spectacular: “Royals” Parody (S’14)

Underwood sings “Farmers,” a Mountain School version of Lorde’s Grammy-winning song “Royals.”

LYRICS (verse one):

Has anyone milked a cow?/I get so tired every day, on my wood crew./I gave my friends the address./Please send me food!/There’s no dessert here!

And every teacher’s like, “Sugar maple, white pine, compost in the bathroom./Snow drifts, blizzards, crashing all the dorm rooms./We don’t care./We wear five layers everywhere.

And every weekend’s like, broomball, laundry, making brunch on Sunday./Sugarbush, Pine Top, ski the inner loop with me!/We don’t care./We’re driving tractors in our dreams.

‘Cause we’re gonna be farmers…!

Promposal (F’13)

Mountain School, like most high schools, had a prom. However, dates were randomly picked out of a hat and the first person whose name was pulled had to find a creative way to ask the other person to prom.

Props to EMILY for one of the most creative prom invites of the semester. The video was shown just before dinner. At the end of the video, she shouted, “Will you go to prom with me?”

Starring: Josie, Ryan, Kellsy, Kareen, Jake Shields, Minh-Anh, Jacob, Amanda Zei, Jesse & Praz, Julia & Liz, Moriah & Maggie, Luke, Lucas, Lucas’ eyebrows, Marieta, Comfort, Ivey, Ethan, and Emilio