mountain school art

Art at the Mountain School is unconventional: students engage directly with the landscape around them in a variety of ways…


^The centerpiece of the art curriculum is the students’ “Tree Book.” They pick a tree on campus to sketch some part of every day for the entire semester from different angles, in different lighting. Here are Lauren (above) and Kip (below) from S’13 with their trees.^


^Students at work in the art studio.^


^Jesse (F’13) and others on Garden Hill drawing pictures of carrots using carrots they picked from the garden as their paint brushes.^


^Portraiture is another focus of the curriculum. Here is Calais (F’12) with a self-portrait.^


^Wood block prints of Nigel, our guard llama (and the de facto Mountain School mascot).^


^To finish up the semester, students complete a final project of their choosing. Bram (S’13) oil painted the view from the art room on the back of his guitar.^

A selection of works from the Fall ’13 Art Show:

Amanda Zei’s final project – “To the moon and back” is the expression she uses to explain how much she loves her dorm (and everyone else)
Del mapped out a horror story with a series of hand drawn panels
Hannah carved into a butternut squash and used it to make prints
Jacob shows off his wood-carving skills with this hand-carved chair
Jesse’s final project: a compilation of images that sum up the semester, each made using a bleach process
Barns by Josie
Part of Liz’s final project
The dining hall – part of Willow’s final project

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