F’14 Art Show

The Fall ’14 art class was small (3 students) but mighty! On Wednesday night, they displayed and explained the art they have created over the course of the semester to our general wonder and amazement. Below are pictures of some of their pieces.

Art class units

Wood-block prints of Desmond the Brave

Screenshot (28)
Ink carrots (drawn using carrots as pens)


Transformation of one object into another

snyes14 (2) gzyes9

Final painting of their trees plus 10 objects that represent their time at TMS

Screenshot (29)


Final projects

GZ: an exploration of forced comparisons via different mediums

gzyes8gzyes2 gzyes4gzyes1 (2)gzyes6gzyes3  gzyes5  gzyes7

LA: multiple perspectives and mixed media, illustrated by the dining hall piano and story time in Humanities

yesla14 (2)layes7 layes10 layes9 layes8 layes layes2 layes3 layes4 layes5 layes6 SN: wood block printing to raise awareness for animal rights, focused on the Sumatran tiger, rhino and elephant

snyes1 snyes2 snyes3 snyes4 snyes12 snyes5 snyes6 snyes7

Miscellaneous art from art class students

gzyes10 gzyes11 layes11 layes12 yesla3yesla2random5 random6 snyes9 snyes11 snyes13  Miscellaneous art from others

random2 (2) random1 random4 random3The dining hall looks amazingyesshow1 yesshow2 yesshow3




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