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Student Interviews: Chores (F’13)

Behold the mighty chore-board. Every two weeks, students look for their name to discover their destiny: feeding the pigs? Conard bathroom? Eggs? English room? Whether they love it or hate it, students do their chores to keep the school clean and running. Here are their responses when asked what was your favorite or most memorable chore?

AZh: News! I got to present every day and read the news, which I wish I had time to do. I had a hate/love relationship with feeding the pigs…

CS: Floater. You’re like Jack’s manservant – you do whatever he has lined up. I liked it because it was something different every day.

MC: Cooks’ crew was my favorite. I love being in the kitchen. It’s an excuse to do dish crew every day. I get to talk to the chefs and find out more about them. It has a lot of responsibility and I like having responsibility. My favorite moment was that time I had a water fight with Luke in the kitchen (and then we cleaned it up).

JNew: Cleaning the dorm bathroom because I got to wake up at 7:45 in the morning.

KNL: I really want to be on Cooks’ crew. My favorite so far was barn sheep. I love sheep, pretty self explanatory. I fed them twice a day, and then I spent a little time there in the barn. It was pretty relaxing.

JR: Blackboards! A) I was really good at it, B) I never forgot it, and it was really simple so I never forgot little pieces of it. Thomas’ Tea Tray was terrible – what I understood was “keep it clean” but I was also supposed to fill it, stack it, and do dishes at random times. I never knew what I was supposed to be doing.

JNeu: Laying hens were my least favorite. I don’t like birds, at all. They were so needy and disgusting, and inconvenient. It was awful.

AH: I loved library. I got to move everyone’s stuff off the tables. I’m the victim of my stuff being moved, so I liked being in charge and having the power. That way my stuff didn’t get moved.

JB: Windows! It’s soothing and kind of fun.

LS: Cook’s crew. I liked the high pressure. I liked writing juice labels and making announcements on Pam’s behalf. And I liked the free work periods.

MM: Gathering eggs was my favorite. It was a good way to see the farm animals. And you directly know what you’re providing for the kitchen and students. I really liked that aspect of it.

KL: Shut down [turning off all the lights on campus at night] was my favorite. It gave me an excuse to be late to dorm meeting, that was the first thing. Also Marieta would do it with me and that was really fun. I would always get scared – it was a good rush of adrenaline. I hate the dark and I hate the unknown, but it was scary in a fun way.

PR: I really loved doing the news. It forced me to be at Morning Meeting on time. It kept me updated on current events, and it was something to put my trademark on. Something like checking fences or floater, I couldn’t put my trademark on. It also helped my public speaking skills.

CT: Miles bathroom because I love the smell of cleaning products. And I love cleaning toilets. No, actually because I could wake up at 7:50 every day.

CC: I’m going to go with shut down. One time I totally freaked out Julia in the harvest kitchen while I was doing shut down.

WP: The worst was recycling because I realized a week and a half in that I was doing it wrong. I’d been putting it all into the giant dumpster, but it’s supposed to go in the carriage shed.

MAD: Cooks’ crew because I liked working with the other dish crews. But Marilyn hates me…

TP: The eggs were my favorite. The chickens are very feisty, but you learn to love them. They protect their eggs while sitting on them.

KG: Feeding the turkeys was fun. It was nice to be up on Garden Hill in the morning and to watch the sunrise. They peck at your hands when you hold the hose. And they make that weird cackling noise – it’s creepy but you get used to it.

I wonder if you’ll leave the Mountain School more motivated to do chores at home…?