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Student reflection: Life at the Mountain School (F’13)

Ever since my older sister, Elizabeth, came here in 2010, I knew I wanted to apply. For all of sophomore year, the only thing I could think about was what all this year would hold. I applied here only thinking about leaving behind my home school, which I have been attending since kindergarten. I didn’t think about missing my varsity volleyball team or the chance to audition for the school play. I’ve missed those things a lot while I’ve been here, but every single second of missing them was compensated by my love of this place.

The Mountain School teaches so many important lessons; how to know a place, how to live with your friends and peers, and a killer work ethic, (but also sometimes not so killer. Sometimes I just don’t want to do work, I’m gonna be honest with you.) Last year when I fantasized about TMS, I always kinda left out the whole school part. OH THE IRONY. School is a huge part of life here. I spend a lot of time working, and it’s all very rewarding, but it’s a lot! So don’t go thinking that this semester is a break, that living and working on a farm will mean no school. It means working on a farm, and working in school. And that might one of my favorite things about this place.

But don’t worry! There is plenty of play here too! Some of my favorite memories are the spontaneous moments of fun. We hid in leaf piles, we climbed apple trees, and in the dorm, we push the couches together and have huge cuddle puddles. These small memories of play are things that I will remember after the law of sines slips out of my head.

The Mountain School is the most incredible place, and if you are interested in applying, then do it, because you CERTAINLY won’t regret it! I’ve developed relationships with teachers and students that can never be replaced. I’ve learned in school, on the farm and in the dorm. I’ve become an individual here, with more confidence in myself. So take the leap! Apply! Let this place become yours!

-Maggie Perkins F’13

If you have questions about TMS, I can be reached at: mperkins@saintannsny.org