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Fall ’14 Go Pro Video

In this 12 minute video, filmed over the course of the fall semester at TMS, the seasons change before your very eyes and students seem to grow up on screen as they learn to know a place and take care of it. The students’ eye view allows you to see for the first time (or remember) what it is like to live in such a unique setting. Experience the joy of frolicking in the woods, the intensity of snowball fights, the quiet peace of strumming ukuleles by the fire, and the adrenaline rush of dodgeball.

Carved into the headboard of one of the beds on campus is the question, What will you do with this one wild and precious life? The answer: Live.

Rated PG for outrageous dance moves, students falling off of sleds, spilled milk, and an adorable small child enthusiastically eating a muffin.

Thank you MAS for putting this video together!

Birthday serenade by Tobold (S’14)

The Spring ’14 downtown dorms have a pretty cute relationship. They rigged up a pulley system between the dorms for no particular reason. They yell goodnight out of their windows to each other. They hang out in the laundry room and laugh for hours when they should be doing homework. (Just kidding. But not really). And then things escalated: on Valentine’s Day eve, the Tobold girls declared a “Love War” on the Miles boys. The next day Miles dropped by dorm meeting to serenade them. A few days later, the girls sang to them during a talent show. The boys surprised Violet with a guitar version of Kanye’s “Heartless” on her birthday, and most recently, the girls surprise-serenaded Leo on his birthday. And they chose, of course, a song by his favorite artist: Theo, his dormmate and other half of the -Eo Duo.

Here is the Tobold girls’ performance for Leo during dorm meeting (pros: better picture quality, Leo/Theo looking uncomfortable, and Ben’s snarky commentary):

Here is the same song performed the next day as a humble (pros: BABY ALDEN DOING KARATE during the performance, excellent harmonies; cons: picture quality is not as sharp):

The song is called “Fit for Kings” and you can hear Theo sing it here, or listen to his sound cloud.

Winter Spectacular: “Royals” Parody (S’14)

Underwood sings “Farmers,” a Mountain School version of Lorde’s Grammy-winning song “Royals.”

LYRICS (verse one):

Has anyone milked a cow?/I get so tired every day, on my wood crew./I gave my friends the address./Please send me food!/There’s no dessert here!

And every teacher’s like, “Sugar maple, white pine, compost in the bathroom./Snow drifts, blizzards, crashing all the dorm rooms./We don’t care./We wear five layers everywhere.

And every weekend’s like, broomball, laundry, making brunch on Sunday./Sugarbush, Pine Top, ski the inner loop with me!/We don’t care./We’re driving tractors in our dreams.

‘Cause we’re gonna be farmers…!