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Sugaring Season (S’15)

“It makes a big difference to drink sap from a tree while you’re looking AT the tree.”

“My favorite part was at the end when we all sat in the sugar house and drank sap tea.”

“For me the best part was finding a bucket full to the brim, almost spilling, and taking a big drink. It was so rewarding to fill the barrel to the top.”

“The best part is hearing that in two hours, you collected 600 or 800 gallons.”

“It was 60 degrees so I wore a tank top for the first time and it was very refreshing.”

“At the end, they gave us maple tea, which is basically not quite syrup, and it was the best thing.”

“I put sap in my water bottle before break and left it… then I opened it after break and there was a very strong stench. I left it for another week before I got up the nerve to clean it.”

“Last week was the first week, and it was really hard work. I was worn out by gathering. This week, I was really amazed by how much sap there was. I was proud that it was the biggest gather in the last few years–every day at Morning Meeting Kit says, ‘Yesterday was the biggest gather of the year!’ It just keeps going.”

“Gathering was really great. I was surprised by how full the buckets were – they were really full if not overflowing. It was cool to do the process with buckets as opposed to just a vacuum system because it was so hands-on bringing buckets to the shack… It was authentic! That’s the word.”

“We gathered 600 odd buckets. We had a system going. At the sugar house, I got to taste it at every stage. Sam holds it up to the light to see how it drips so he can determine the grade – A, B, dark amber etc. It was cool because we were doing it by ourselves, but it felt like a group effort.”

“When Sam is boiling, you can see this added light and life in his eyes. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little.”